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I am an

Experience Designer UX / UI / ID

Experience Designer

Entrepreneur Founder of Aztro Marketplace


Educator Professor at Pratt and Parsons




Card and Expense Management App

A solution that unifies back office with on-field operations, through a seamless integrated expense management software. By easily allowing administrators to issue prepaid cards, expense reimbursement, and expense management is eliminated. I helped amplify the functionalities on the Administrator Dashboard and led the Mobile App development.

Market: U.S

Release: Sept 2023

My Role: UX/UI Designer


The World's Design Marketplace

Aztro was the first Wholesale Marketplace dedicated to design-driven products, representing international brands connecting with businesses in the US. The website showcased, promoted, and sold thousands of products.

Market: Worldwide

Release: April 2020

My Role: CEO, Creative Director, UX/UI Designer


Noortrue App

Remember and be Remembered

An app designed to help people be more attentive to the ones they love. The app allows you to keep track of the important dates and help come up with ideas for gifts, experiences, and gestures that enrich the relationship.

Market: U.S

Release: Nov 2022

My Role: Researcher, UX/UI Designer

de la Vega

Finding the right home

Consuelo de la Vega is a High-end real estate agency in Bogotá, Colombia. The client wanted to capture the high-end market with an online presence that helped showcase the best real estate in the city and streamline a property's sale or rental.

Market: Latin America

Release: Nov 2020

My Role: Researcher, UX/UI Designer

Consuelo de la Vega.png


The Art of Communication

C&C is a PR and Marketing Agency representing heavy hitters like Nike, HBO, and Oster. Designed the website making a high emphasis on presentation, branding, and visual communication. 

Market: Latin America

Release: Nov 2021

My Role: UX/UI Designer


Digital Exhibition

Corporate website for design and art gallery bridging the gap between sustainable solutions and creative expression – specifically within the art, food, and fashion sectors. 

Market: U.S

Release: Nov 2022

My Role: UX/UI Designer


About me



I am Alvaro Uribe, a UX Designer based in New York, with over four years of experience applying critical thinking to creating meaningful solutions for stakeholders.


I spend the first decade of my career developing products for the mass consumer housewares and decor markets. In 2019 I launched an online marketplace named Aztro, with the mission to help international design-driven brands enter the U.S. market at an accessible cost. Through this venture, I delved into the realm of UX-UI and found my passion in creating digital solutions that connect people, empower businesses, and tackle complex problems.

Today I work as a contract Senior UX Designer for Paperplane, a Toronto-based agency applying user-centered design practices to digital products and apps. Alongside I teach at Pratt Institute and Parsons, user-centered design processes and visual relationships in product design.

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