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Alvaro Uribe

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I am a Designer with a track record of improving people's lives through design. I started my career as an Industrial Designer with a BA from Pratt Insitute, launching two award-winning studios: Alvaro Uribe Design and Modum Design. I have worked with some of the most celebrated decor companies in the world and Fortune 500 companies, in addition to collecting four Red Dot Design Awards and five Good Design Awards.

In 2020 I launched a B2B platform, Aztro Marketplace, dedicated to connecting international design-driven brands with retailers and interior designers in the U.S. For two years, the startup represented over one hundred brands and sold hundreds of products. This endeavor brought me closer to the world of UX-UI.

For the last four years, I have been a consultant for Paperplane and Outpave, taking on select projects and successfully launching various business sites. 

My Design Superpowers


I listen to learn


I think with my hands


I have an eye for design

My Design Process

Process_0000_Layer 8.jpg

Why? Who? How?

- User Interviews

- User Surveys

- Competitor Analysis

- User Journeys

- Empathy Maps

Process_0001_Layer 7.jpg

What if?

- Sketching

- Brainstorming

- Information Architecture

- User Personas

- Low-fidelity Testing

Process_0002_Layer 6.jpg

How can it be better?

- User Funnels

- Wireframes

- High-fidelity testing

- A/B Testing

- User Flows

Process_0003_Layer 5.jpg


- Conversion Analysis

- Funnel Analysis

- SEO 

- Usability Testing

- Style Guidelines

My Design Principles


Start with 'why'

Having created numerous physical products, it is inevitable not to be aware of the impact that these products have on the environment. Similarly, I believe that digital products should be designed to be efficient, facilitate the user's goals, and eliminate unnecessary clutter in their lives.


Design for your mom!

I approach design with empathy and compassion, imagining that my mother will be the one who will use and benefit from the product. With this mindset, I strive to implement thoughtful solutions that are intuitive, simple, and beautiful.


Think like a child

Children have the unique ability to transform a simple stick into a magic wand or make a toy fly. Similarly, in my approach to design, I aim to detach every preconception of how things work and strive to arrive at innovative solutions that bring magic to consumers. I start every idea with the question "What if?" and then carefully evaluate it.


Emotional Function

When you are able to exceed the way a product works and looks, you have met not only user needs, but inspire curiosity admiration, and optimism in the way they perform tasks, that is emotional design.

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