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Art in all its Forms

BLANK is a multidisciplinary company bridging the gap between sustainable solutions and creative expression – specifically within the art, food, and fashion sectors. I contributed to the creation of the company's website, creating dynamic elements and layouts to best communicate the brand's artistic vision as well as streamlining the way participants will check in to an event.

Client: Blank

Format: Website


Live Site:

Project: 2022


- visual Designer

- UI


- Figma


Setting the mood

As a primarily digital entity, Blank wanted its site to capture the spirit of the New York art community. For this, we chose visual elements from the 1920s, such as vintage New York,  that communicates a sense of optimism, timeless elegance, and progress.


Kinetic Typography

The client's logo used Nomark typography, which we thought, if spread throughout the site, would help create consistency in messaging. We balanced the serif with Avenir, a cleaner and much easier-to-read text. 

Beyond the font, we wanted to capture a sense of dynamic movement and elegance, much like a ballerina. We played with different kinetic effects in the font; ultimately, we landed on an effect that would lift the text as the user hovered it.

Menu Animation.gif

Navigation Experience

Given that Blank is notably unique in the art world due to its focus on environmentally friendly practices, we wanted to celebrate its vision and mission. Therefore, to capture the user's attention, we designed the navigation to give a feeling of discovery and exhibition, much like a theater. Page segments reveal in different kinetic forms as the user scrolls up and down. 

To translate this to its digital form, I created a storyboard for the developers to understand how the content would reveal based on the user's mouse input.


Exhibition Display

Our onboarding funnel was key to growth. We invited users via social media and email marketing to a landing page highlighting how Aztro would address their business needs. Once an account was open, we engaged users with tailored newsletters based on their stores, projects, or brand needs.

Gallery Menu.gif

Take Aways


One of the first sites I designed was back in 2007 when Flash was still around. While I appreciate the simplicity and clarity of today's sites, there is something beautiful about animated content. This project brought me back to explore how to bring movement and art to a relatively simple site. 

Beyond the visual and kinetic design we developed, I was particularly interested in the user flows we developed to facilitate the check-in of attendees to events. We worked hard to make these as straightforward as possible, cutting the number of steps to three.

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